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For listed buildings, the best advice is to approach your Conservation Officer (if the Local Authority has one) before undertaking any alterations. It is they who will ultimately make the decision for consent and this can be a grey area.


If you can, ring them to discuss the proposals at an early stage, or better still meet them on site. Regrettably, many Local Authorities charge for a pre-application service but even this will be money well spent. At present the application itself is free of charge, but why waste time, energy and money on a potential rejection when you could get it right first time?


Often the Conservation Officer will know the building and its history. From personal experience, it always helps if they can see that you have a genuine interest in doing the right thing for the building in terms of use of materials or design for alterations.


Their recommendation for appropriate Contractors/Consultants is often also invaluable as it will give them confidence that the work will be specified properly and undertaken in the most appropriate manner.

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