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‘I’m fully aware and others are I assure you of your massive contribution to the Building Department and I use that phrase because that is what we are. You have raised the professionalism and standards within, you are a leader who the troops will follow, inclusive in all you decisions, raising the standards and understanding of our Conservation Principles are all down to you.’ 

Paul Wankiewicz, Senior Building Surveyor


Rory Cullen has very extensive experience of building conservation, maintenance and capital works relating to historic buildings, having been the National Trust’s Head of Building since 2002. I appointed Rory, and have worked with him throughout this period.


Rory has achieved a great deal during his time with the National Trust, relating to both the practical and strategic aspects of the conservation of the National Trust’s internationally important portfolio of historic buildings. Particularly significant has been Rory’s establishment of the Trust’s building apprenticeship scheme, the development of its building design guides, and the development of professional qualifications and heritage certification schemes for the Trust’s  building craftspeople and surveyors.


Rory has always shown great commitment to and passion for the care of historic buildings, which complement and underpin his very extensive technical knowledge.

Peter Nixon, Director of Conservation, National Trust

“I would not even have considered taking on this project without Rory Cullen’s invaluable expertise, which covered every single aspect of the work.


The building had a recent chequered history prior to my ownership so everything was under close scrutiny from the Local Authority, but once they knew he was involved it you could see that they had full confidence that all the contentious issues would be resolved as they quickly were, resulting in a building that has been returned to the community that we are all truly proud of.


I cannot speak highly enough of his services - his knowledge and skills in heritage matters must be unparalleled.”

Kevin Martindale, Owner, The Eagle 'former public house'

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