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Summary of role & works:


  • Provision of Listed Building Consent application

  • Provision of Heritage Statement

  • Production of Schedule of Works & plans

  • Liaison with Conservation Officer

  • On-going advice through management of project


This complex £250,000 project had a troubled history in recent years, so the Client needed expert advice to steer the whole process through to completion.


Works included:

  • Significant structural repairs to internal & external structure including walls & floors

  • Replacement of gypsum plaster walls & ceilings with lime plaster,

  • Fit out for new tea rooms & gymnasium, with office space above

  • New bathrooms including associated services, partitions and doors

  • Partial re-wiring

  • Complete internal & external decoration

  • Lowering ground levels around building perimeter to resolve damp issues

  • New external works to front & rear including brick retaining walls & sensitively designed fencing

  • Repairs to roof re-pointing of external walls in lime mortar


Client testimonial:


“I would not even have considered taking on this project without Rory Cullen’s invaluable expertise, which covered every single aspect of the work.


The building had a recent chequered history prior to my ownership so everything was under close scrutiny from the Local Authority, but once they knew he was involved it you could see that they had full confidence that all the contentious issues would be resolved as they quickly were, resulting in a building that has been returned to the community that we are all truly proud of.


I cannot speak highly enough of his services - his knowledge and skills in heritage matters must be unparalleled.”

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